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Testing & Quality Assurance Service

Testing & Quality Assurance-While software testing services are critical for improving product quality, cost savings, and time-to-market delivery, what if you don't require full-cycle QA services? You can outsource software testing to OFFSOAR: select a customized QA services package and hire QA specialists as needed.


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Testing & Quality Assurance Service

With OFFSOAR’s software quality control services, you can achieve the necessary software quality within the specified timeframe. Our QA engineers can work as an integrated part of your Scrum team or as a stand-alone unit. Each member of our Quality Control team is overseen by an experienced QA manager who is accountable for the progress, quality, and overall health of each software testing endeavor.

Hire Testing Experts through OFFSOAR if you:
  • Consistently retain the services of a competent software tester.
  • Receive timely, albeit temporary, support with quality assurance testing services for your project.
  • When in need of additional capacity for software testing during the project’s peak loads.
  • In time of perfect software release by ensuring its security and dependability.
  • Employ more QA personnel to establish a software testing lab.
What do we offer?

Types of Quality Control Services OFFSOAR Offers

Select from a range of manual and automated testing solutions that can be tailored to meet a variety of budgetary and project requirements. Our quality assurance testing services packages range in size based on the amount of testing time required. We'll provide skilled QA engineers; all you have to do to receive Quality Assurance for your software is share the details of your project with our expert consultants, determine the required testing capacity, and pay a fixed monthly charge for the chosen software quality services package. Apart from offering packages of manual and automated software Testing & Quality Assurance services, we also provide security testing as a service.

Manual testing

Early in the development process, identify and eliminate problems to guarantee that your programme fulfills defined requirements and is ready for launch.

Quality Assurance Automation

Optimize your testing activities to increase the speed with which product features are delivered and turnaround times are reduced.

Security Testing

Penetration testing, whether black-box or white-box, identifies security gaps in your product and helps you establish an action plan to solve them.

Performance Testing

Determine the responsiveness of your application and guarantee that it can manage expected loads using continuous integration, system configuration, and reporting.

Software Development & Environment Setup

Establish an automated deployment setup, test database, and the necessary software and hardware to support development and testing.

Our Process

We do an analysis of your present development process and the scope of work required to recommend an acceptable schedule and QA team composition for your project.

After conducting an in-depth analysis of your expectations, we negotiate the terms and conditions of future collaboration in order to conclude a service agreement.

Following that, we introduce your project to the team and evaluate its documentation in order to create an efficient Testing Strategy, Test Plan, Test Cases, and Scenarios.

Finally, we perform routine testing in accordance with the Test Plan to guarantee that no aspect of your software is neglected.