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Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Take control of your training data by extracting key insights and information from natural language data. Datasets of any size can be used to fuel your NLP algorithms for maximum value.


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With OFFSOAR, you can manage the correctness of data labeling and so create a predictable pipeline of high-quality training data for your natural language processing algorithms.

Our platform includes annotation capabilities for sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, audio recognition, text and intent classification, and much more.

Have an NLP project that needs our expertise?

OFFSOAR allows you versatile project configuration: use our presets for a quick start, or take complete power to tailor your projects to your most complex NLP requirements. Adaptive tools and automation are available to help you build a robust data pipeline that changes with you. Hands-on or hands-off – the choice is yours. Leverage OFFSOAR technology and talent at the best cost. Consult our expert to understand how to obtain high-quality training data for machine learning and AI at any size.

Intent Classification

Using natural language processing (NLP), we assist you in classifying user inquiries into suitable predefined intents. Train your chatbot, voice assistant, or any other conversational agent using labeled data to gain a deeper understanding of your users.

Application: Voice assistant, Chatbot, Conversational agent

Utterance Collection

Create a collection of common conversational utterances based on the instructions or scenarios you supply to our NLP algorithms.

Application: Chatbot, Voice assistant

Search relevance

Leverage the OFFSOAR expertise to assess your search engine's performance to determine which ranking model works best. Collect data to help you improve your search algorithm's relevance.

Application: E-commerce, Cataloging and Recommendations

Text Classification

Solicit the assistance of data science in classifying or categorizing full texts using predetermined category tags.

Application: Optimize chatbots / web pages / social media, E-commerce, Cataloging and Recommendations, Content moderation,

Named Entity Recognition

Our experienced data scientists and analysts help you decipher text, classify proper nouns, and name other items.

Application: Named entity recognition (NER)

Sentiment Analysis

Employ sentiment analysis to compartmentalize texts with sentiment categories for any intent, from understanding spam filtering to customer reviews.

Application: Spam detection, Analyzing customer reviews, Email filtering.

Why Choose OFFSOAR for Natural Language Processing Expertise?

Quick Results

Reduce the time required to categorize data from days to minutes by utilizing the largest data set available (open or gated).

High Precision

Place your confidence in ready-to-go solutions with quality control built-in for superb data accuracy at scale.

True Scalability

Scalability is enabled by a variety of features, a high-load system, and easy integration into machine learning pipelines.

Cost Effective

Pay as you go and keep your budget constraint thanks to huge scale savings and no data minimums with our NLP service packages.