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Web and SAAS Product Development

We are a custom Web & SaaS Products Development company that makes high-quality software for the web and mobile devices. Our in-house development teams design, build, deploy, and maintain software that meets a set of needs.


Web and SAAS Product Development

Mobile - iOS and Android App Development

UI/UX Design & Development

Enterprise & E-commerce Solutions

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Data Analytics & Data Science Solutions

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Data Warehousing

Testing & Quality Assurance Service

Our custom Web development services are different from those of other companies because we build scalable, robust products that are built with quality engineering, modernize apps, and follow agile and Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery principles through the product development process.

As part of our SaaS development services, we build all the components of a successful SaaS solution, from mobile apps and web applications to cloud hosting and APIs. Our SaaS development team uses modern software development practices to make SaaS products as quickly as possible while making sure they are safe and high-quality.

All-Round Expertise

If you want to make SaaS & Web apps for your business, we have a team of experts who can help you. Over the years, we've worked with more than 100 startups and large businesses and helped them raise millions of dollars by making SaaS products that they sold. We build scalable SaaS solutions with good UI/UX design.

Maximize Business Value

Offsoar makes all apps SaaS-ready and also re-designs existing apps for the SaaS. After the SaaS is released, we make sure to keep working on new features of the project and keep the entire SaaS application up to date.



As long as you have a strategic plan and an open mind, our full-stack website developers can make industry-standard web apps that help your business reach its full potential. Engage our full-stack web development services to get web apps that can grow with the times.

At OFFSOAR, we take great pride in having a group of engineers who are proficient at what they do. Our developers know how to leverage the most up-to-date frontend technologies, like Angular, Vue, React, Materialize, and SCSS. Our high-end web architecture development, UI improvement, and performance tuning are well-liked by clients around the world in a wide range of industries.

Our backend developers have a lot of experience and can help your business grow with a robust and scalable web solution. Keep up with industry trends and top-notch technologies like Node.js and Symfony. We also know how to use the best tools for the all tech job like CakePHP and CodeIgniter.

An API is a computer interface that explains how different software programmes work together. RESTful API development is a big part of what we do at OFFSOAR. We make a custom REST framework that is safe and flexible so that we can make web APIs that are unique to each website.

Our programmers know how to work with a wide range of databases so that your application's data is safe and easy to get to when you need it. Our skills cover a wide range of relational and non-relational database management systems, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, and NoSQL databases (MongoDB, Apache Cassandra). Build your data infrastructure with us.

We can create and manage version control helps the development team keep track of changes to the source code over time. It keeps track of all the changes that have been made to a piece of code in a certain database. To fix any mistakes that were made by accident, the developers can go back to the previous version and do what they need to do.

Core Tools and Technical Skills

We use the latest technology stacks to build the next big thing. Below is a brief list of our expertise and competencies that we are privileged to leverage for businesses.

Offsoar builds Web & SaaS Applications for all use cases

SEO-Friendly Websites

For SEO-friendly norms, we start from scratch when we design and build websites. We use SEO techniques from the very beginning because there are so many things to think about on both sides. We make websites that are easy for search engines to find. We do this after doing a lot of research, planning, and thinking about it.

eCommerce Websites

We're known as the best website designers and developers for e-commerce websites. We can help you build an efficient online store with popular platforms and frameworks. Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento, OpenCart, WordPress, or a lot of custom programming can be used to build a shopping cart for your business. We can also help you build great Marketplaces, both B2B and B2C structures.

Web Applications

As a trusted web design company, we build unique and safe websites for big businesses all over the world. We have a lot of technical skills, a lot of experience, regular communication with the client, and pay attention to every little thing to make sure we provide a high-quality service in a short amount of time.

Custom SaaS Platform Development

Our SaaS developers have a lot of experience with a lot of different technologies, so expect only high-quality code. Our PMO uses mature KPIs to make sure engineers are working at their best.

SaaS Application Consultation

Our consultants help you turn your SaaS idea into a product concept, write a development plan, figure out how much it will cost and how much it will make, and give you other project advice.

Multi-Tenant Architecture

Offsoar makes multi-tenancy architectures that are scalable, can handle high loads, and have 99.98 percent uptime.

UI/UX Design & Audit

OffSoar does UX research for a new software-as-a-service or a UX audit of your current software and makes the UI responsive and easy to use.

Migration and Engineering

We can efficiently move your SaaS to another cloud provider or make your on-premises app SaaS by changing it to work better on any cloud infrastructure.

Support and Maintenance

In addition, we can help you with your SaaS product at all three levels: L1, L2, and L3. This includes its corrective, adaptive, preventive, and perfective maintenance.

Our Process

We have figured out the perfect framework for building things and collaborating with people in a meaningful way. As digital partners, the Offsoar team will guide you succinctly through all the crucial phases of Software Development . We make sure businesses witness their novel idea come to reality, and in the process understand the in-depth technical expertise, timely delivery, budget-handling, and transparency we put in every collaboration.

Our approach is all about being able to change and adapt as situations demand. We work with you and your users to make your app or website better as we build it. This means that the app you make will do exactly what your company needs it to do, even if you don't know all the ins and outs at first.

Phase 1

Project idea briefing and requirement gathering.

Phase 2

Projections on technology, time, budget, etc.

Phase 2

Proposed solution, team-meet, and MVP demos.

Phase 2

Legals for commencing work.