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Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

OFFSOAR is a leading AI & ML development company. We provides businesses with a variety of bespoke scenarios for optimizing business operations through the use of machine learning, deep learning algorithms and unique AI solutions.


Web and SAAS Product Development

Mobile - iOS and Android App Development

UI/UX Design & Development

Enterprise & E-commerce Solutions

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Data Analytics & Data Science Solutions

Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning

Data Warehousing

Testing & Quality Assurance Service

Machine learning demands an in-depth understanding of computer science to comprehend how all the processes work. Since OFFSOAR began developing AI applications in 2018, our engineers have a wealth of intriguing experience and skills to add to your service.

OFFSOAR develops fully functional, production-ready AI-powered solutions. Our skilled engineers integrate the program with the organization’s current infrastructure and software, thereby enhancing its capabilities. We are Leading AI & ML Development Company in USA

What makes us different?

Diversified Expertise​

While conducting in-depth study on the solutions, business analysts and engineers go into great detail. This method enables us to gain first-hand experience and unique information in a variety of industries.

Higher Proactivity

If the present application is not optimized, we offer other alternatives that may improve the solution without interfering with the existing application architecture. This is only possible because of OFFSOAR's continuous investment in research and providing an open platform to our engineers to experiment new ideas.

Best-In-Class R&D

OFFSOAR frequently recruits scientists and academics to offer their in-depth technical knowledge and to bring a fresh perspective to the creation of innovative technologies. We Artificial Intelligence & Machine Learning.Most of the engineers at OFFSOAR are certified industry standard engineers.

Our Core Expertise

Search powered by Artificial Intelligence

Domain-aware and intelligent search engines drastically reduce the time required to perform a single data query and significantly accelerate the processing of complex data at scale.

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Advanced natural language processing algorithms extract data from text and voice, as this information enables businesses to automate business processes and workflows in order to gain useful insights.

Intelligent Data Processing (IDP)

Intelligent Data Processing (IDP)

As a trusted web design company, we build unique and safe websites for big businesses all over the world. We have a lot of technical skills, a lot of experience, regular communication with the client, and pay attention to every little thing to make sure we provide a high-quality service in a short amount of time.

Computer Vision & Analytics

Computer Vision enables businesses to automate all manual tasks associated with visual verification and identification, which are based on reconciling the original photo, video, or scheme.

Complex Document Processing (OCR)

Complex Document Processing (OCR)

Machine learning and computer vision-based OCR engines make it simple to extract valuable data from complex on-paper documents with a variable structure in a variety of formats.

Anomaly & Defect Detection

Anomaly & Defect Detection

Automated anomaly detection enables businesses to spot odd or suspicious behaviors and events that can arouse suspicion, result in potential fraud, or increase risk in business operations.

Why choose OFFSOAR?

OFFSOAR develops a variety of applications that utilize powerful machine learning technology and sophisticated models to streamline daily tasks. We are Leading Al & ML Developing company in USA.Artificial Intelligence's potential is infinite, and it can be used to solve a wide variety of human problems. Our expertise is in assessing your business's needs and matching you with the optimal AI solution to promote growth.

Allow our specialists to alleviate the burden associated with planning and executing your next artificial intelligence development project.

Deployment Model Using Machine Learning


Engineers assess the customer-provided datasets to determine the most effective model training approaches.


Engineers train numerous models using a variety of strategies and then compare the results to determine the most effective technique.


After the training phase is complete, data scientists assess the outputs and fine-tune the training algorithms until appropriate results are obtained.


OFFSOAR integrates and delivers machine learning models into new and current applications across a variety of platforms, including web, desktop, and mobile.